Seniors Select Superlatives

Posted Date: 03/31/2017

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Elementary school students learn we usually use -er endings to compare two things; but when something is the "most" or "best" out of three or more items in a category, it's the SUPERLATIVE. Recently the senior class of MHS voted to decide who among them is the superlative in a variety of categories. Here is what they decided:

Most Likely To Get Away With Anything: 

George Williams and Jakyya Clay


Most Likely To Succeed:

Sarah Burford and Ben Baser


Best to Bring Home to Mom: 

T.J. Stotts and Alden Chappel


Most Likely to go to The Olympics: 

Gary Austin, Marie Hunter, Hope Phipps


Most Likely to go on a World Tour: 

Hayden Rash, Shawnette Stewart, Karmen Jones


Most Likely to be Late to Their Own Funeral:

Garrett Ford and Lauren Adams


Mr. and Miss Marion High School

Di' Granger, Shakeria Smith, and Maggie Aureli


Most Likely to Come Back as MHS Staff:

Trexler Proffitt and Katlin Jacobs


Brow Game on Point:

Donnall Granger and Eirryn Davis


Cutest Couple that Never Was:

Bailey McGee and Annalee Parker


Most Likely to Move Far, Far Away:

Angel Johnson and Daniel Webster


Most Likely to Be a Meme:

Cameron Moore and Derrika Hunt


Worst Senioritis:

Sara Nelson and Aaron Allen