Websites for Extra Practice

Learn for free about math, art, computer programming, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, finance, history, and more.

Ask a teacher or parent to be your coach!

Levelized reading practice with comprehension, vocabulary, and research questions to check for understanding.

Quiz games in a variety of subject areas

Test your knowledge of world geography alone or against other online players. You're given a place and you have to locate it on the map.

Activities by grade level

Java enabled browser: science, math, and element games

Games for practice

Math puzzles

Many games for high school.

Quizzes across the curriculum.

Create quizzes and track students.

Take quizzes in many different categories. Subscribers can create quizzes. (Trial avaliable.)

Explore government games, including ones for grades 9-12. Also includes “Locate the States” game.

Drag the pictographs into the slots. Includes Hittite, Egyptian, and Sumerian visuals.

Traces the growth of the U.S. through animation and sound.

Tutorials related to physics.

Play games based on award-winning work.

Learn about the human body.

Problem sets and tutorials

Lots of great science activities.

Tutorials on fractions.

Great interactive tools.

Create rap, write poems, and have a great time writing.

Art safari and others

Contains a mixture of activity types including collaborative, online projects.

Interactive activities on many topics.

Lots of interactive tools for reading, writing, and thinking.