Scholarship Information

Arkansas Academic Challenge (YOUniversal application)
Academic Challenge Scholarships

The Academic Challenge Program provides scholarships to Arkansas residents pursuing a higher education. Funded in large part by the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery, the Academic Challenge Scholarship is available to students regardless of their academic status, whether just graduating from high school, currently enrolled in college, enrolling in college for the first time, or re-enrolling after a period of time out of college.

Scholarship Deadline to Apply: July 1, 2019

TKE Scholarship
Our undergraduate chapter at Arkansas State in Jonesboro is offering a $250 Scholarship available for: Male graduates planning to attend ASU this Fall It will be awarded in August & ideal for books, last-minute costs, etc. NOTE: There is NO purchase of any product/service NOR any obligation to join any organization to receive this scholarship.

Drawing to be held 8/10/19
Applications available in the counselors office or you may follow the link to apply.


How do I sign up for the ACT?
You can sign up for the ACT through the website http://www.actstudent.org. Be sure to enter our school code, 041560, so that we receive a copy of your test results. If you have trouble registering, we have computers in the counselors' office and can assist you. 

How can I contact my child's teacher?
Email is the most efficient way to contact teachers at MHS. Most teachers' email addresses consist of their first initial + their last name @msd3.org. (Ex.- Paul Johnston's email is pjohnston@msd3.org). You can click here for the teacher directory and send emails through this site. You may also call the office (870-739-5130) to contact any faculty member.

What is the high school ACT code? (CEEB code)
The Marion High School code is 041-560.

How many credits are required for graduation at Marion High School?
24 credits are required for graduation.

  • Sophomore: 3 credits (2 must be from core subjects)
  • Junior: 10 credits
  • Senior: 17 credits

Is a foreign language required for graduation?
Taking a foreign language is not required for graduation unless you are trying to be an honor graduate. Most Arkansas colleges do not require a student to take 2 years of the same foreign language in high school; however, some out of state colleges do have this requirement. For example, almost all Tennessee colleges have the language requirement.