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Prom Pricing

Posted Date: 03/13/2018

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Prom is approaching and everyone is preparing for the special night. While students are buzzing with excitement, one thing that is not so thrilling is the price of prom. This “night to remember” may turn into a nightmare for someone’s bank account if budgets are not carefully considered.

There are many factors to consider for prom. From dresses and tuxes, to hair appointments and limos, there are numerous expenses. As if the previously mentioned expenses are not enough, there is also the prom fee. Marion High School seniors must pay this fee in order to attend prom, and the closer it gets to prom the higher the amount becomes. If you pay your fee before Christmas break it is fifty dollars, after that it becomes seventy dollars and ifyou wait until after spring break you are stuck paying ninety dollars. With approximately 261 seniors, it begs the question, where does all of that money go?  

The money goes to a majority of things, many of which are unthought of when thinking about where the money goes. The money goes toward many necessary items such as  decorations, food, drinks, Dj, photographer,lighting, photo booth and balloons, table and chair rentals, security, helium tank, photo booth,crowns for prom king and queen, and linen rentals. Also, each senior that pays to go to prom receives a prom t-shirt and a gift bag. Any money that happens to be left over either transfers to next year’s prom fund, is donated to senior celebration, or can be donated to a sign that will hang in the hallways of the school.Also, the reason for the price change over the year, in order to get a better idea of how much money is available to spend on decorations. The cheaper price in the beginning of the year encourages most people to buy earlier.

Mrs. Tabetha Brammuci believes that this price is fair, when she was going to prom, her class had to raise their own money for prom through fundraisers and their prom fee was around fifty dollars per person. Brammuci believes that none of the money spent is unnecessary,  some of the children at the school have never experienced anything like this night.

“My goal is to try to make this night as elegant as possible so that is is special for the kids, it is all about the kids,” stated Brammuci, “ the nicer the better.”

Last year’s students had around $11,000 to spend on prom. So far, this year we have raised a little less than last year. As of today, we only have about 130 students that have paid for prom not including the dates that did not have to pay.  Prom fees ultimately go to benefit the students and ensure that all students attending have an unforgettable night.

Alaina Williams, Staff Reporter