JAG Award_West

The Marion High School JAG program recently earned national recognition for exceeding the JAG organization’s National Performance Outcome Standards.

JAG, or “Jobs for America’s Graduates,” is a nationwide educational program dedicated to helping at-risk students succeed in high school and beyond. JAG serves students who face significant challenges, helping them achieve the economic and academic success needed for productive employment after graduation. At Marion High School, the program is led by Jenny West.

With this award, Marion High School’s program was recognized for exceeding the organization’s “6-of-6” standards, which include graduation rate, employment rate, positive outcome rate, full-time jobs rate, connectivity rate, and full-time placement rate.

Through the MHS JAG program, West works with students to help them develop the skills required to graduate from high school and transition into jobs after high school. Students learn how to build a resume, work together as a team, be active members of society through public service and civic engagement, and pursue employment.

Even after graduation, the support doesn’t end. West continues to track students even after they leave Marion High School, ensuring they have the support and resources they need to keep employed.

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