Mrs. Reynold's classes had, former Marion Patriot & special guest, Sarah Bolton Stone from U of A to talk with the students. Get Real-Here’s the Deal! is a hands-on experiential simulation that gives young people the
opportunity to experience their future in a financial decision-making mode. Youth are
encouraged to make wise financial lifestyle choices similar to those that adults face each month.
As youth move from station to station they make decisions based on their family size and
affordability. The sessions include financial management lessons, a personal finance
simulation, and a follow-up/evaluation discussion.
Program Objectives:
 Students gain knowledge about personal financial management
 Students obtain skills in check writing, debit card, online banking and in balancing a
transaction register.
 Students become aware of the taxes and other deductions taken from their gross
income to make the net deposit.
 Students learn how to manage a monthly budget in lifestyle scenarios.
 Students understand how educational level affects occupational opportunity.
 Students become aware of how occupation and family matters affects lifestyle.
Twelve Educational Stations:
 Basic Nutrients
 Child Care Guidance and Development
 Comfortable Living
 Entertainment Extravaganza
 Has It All Mall
 It Could Happen
 Mirror, Mirror
 Money Counts
 Moving On Up
 Protecting Your Assets
 Transportation Station
 Utility Connection
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