Class of 2020

Seniors: If you were never photographed by LifeTouch for your senior picture, Tuesday, May 19, Ms. Westerman will be at the school to take your picture. Please have on a dressy top. Boys, please wear a blazer/dress coat with a white button down shirt if at all possible. Girls, please make sure your dress shirts are modest (a black dress shirt would be best as that is the color of the drape).

  1. If you wear something not matching the other senior photos, it will only be a headshot

  2. If you do not take this photo, only your name will be featured on the virtual graduation 

Please see the schedule below for times. If you have questions, you can email Ms. Westerman at

Tuesday, May 19 Senior Picture Schedule

9:00--9:30: A-D

9:30--10:00: E-H

10:00-10:30: I-M

10:30-11:00: N-R

11:00-11:30: S-Z