It's time to get the esports season going again!

For those who don't know, esports is the school's video game team. We compete against other Arkansas schools in a couple different games for an official state championship. 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders are allowed to compete.

The two games we participate in are Rocket League and League of Legends, so we are looking for those of you who love either of those games!

Even though we'll be having fun playing video games, esports is a serious commitment. Esports is treated like any other sport. There are 2 practices and 1 game day each week. So that means esports meets 3 days each week. Don't sign up if you can't make it. 

Here's what our basic schedule looks like:
Regular Season: 10/6/20-11/17/20
Playoffs:              12/1/20-12/10/20
Championship Match: TBD

Each team meets 3 days a week. Rocket league meets on Monday (practice), Wednesday (practice), and Thursday (gameday).

League of Legends meets on Monday (practice), Tuesday (gameday), and Wednesday (practice).

Each day we meet in our computer lab at 3:30 and go until 5:30.

Unfortunately, this season there will be no after school buses available at 5:30. If you plan on joining the team, you must be able to get to and from practice/games on your own. I can not give you rides. 

If you are a virtual only student, you are allowed to join the team. All of the above still applies to you. Even though you're doing virtual learning, you would still have to show up to school for esports practice/games, so keep that in mind.

If anyone is interested in joining the team, please click the link below and fill out the form. Leave your information there and you will hear from me again regarding tryouts.