With spots filling up fast for the 2022-23 school year, the Marion School District is reminding families to register their students soon, especially parents of kindergarten students.

Angie Walker, Marion magnet school specialist, said the district is continuing to see intense interest across the community for its magnet elementary schools.

“This is something we have seen every year since we adopted the magnet school system five years ago,” Walker said. “The schools are incredibly popular. Parents love having the option to choose the learning environment that best meets the child’s needs.”

Walker noted that the district usually has no problems placing kindergartners in the magnet school of their family’s choice; however, she said there is less flexibility for students enrolling in older grades. In fact, at the moment, the district is completely full for several grade levels at some schools. Marion can still currently provide a seat for all students, but families may not get their first choice of magnet school.

“With kindergartners, we can pretty much guarantee families get the magnet school they want,” Walker said. “But we don’t always have that flexibility for the older grades. That’s why the best time to enroll at Marion is at the kindergarten level. Once a child is enrolled as a kindergartener, he or she is guaranteed a spot at that school every year.”

With Marion’s innovative magnet school program, parents have an opportunity to choose a theme that is integrated into the state-required academic curriculum. At Marion Visual & Performing Arts, students have the opportunity to explore visual arts, dance, drama, music, and other programs. At Marion Math, Science & Technology Magnet, students get hands-on learning experiences with a special emphasis on mathematics, technology, and all the sciences. At Herbert Carter Global Community Magnet, the school environment is rooted in global awareness, and student learn skills via the “Leader in Me” curriculum.

“We are constantly thriving to create learning environments where every child has the opportunity to find their own path to academic success,” Walker said. “Our magnet schools accomplish that very thing, and that’s why families love them.”

The Marion School District is an innovative and growing district committed to helping every student find their unique path to success in school and in life. With more than 150 years of experience serving families in Crittenden County, the district offers a high school, a junior high, and three award-winning magnet schools. For enrollment information, including information on school choice, visit or call 870-739-5100.